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Raising Goods Online to Help Others


YouGiveGoods is an innovative, sustainable platform for nonprofits, companies, donors and charities, making it easy to set up or support an online drive to raise goods for a cause, at no cost. Our platform empowers drive starters, donors, and charities by equipping them with tools to spread the word and reach a wider audience. Meanwhile, we take care of the logistics, such as coordination of goods, and delivery to charity at the end of a drive.


Online drives at YouGiveGoods are run for everything, from support for victims in the wake of disasters, community service projects, annual fundraising campaigns, and more. Available goods include: fresh produce, meat, kosher foods, personal supplies, emergency supplies, toys, animal/pets foods and more. We work with schools, companies, nonprofits, and community organizations — basically, anyone and everyone looking to raise for a cause!


Anyone can set up an online drive towards a cause, ranging from animal/pet shelter to food to supplies. 

When a drive starter chooses a charity from our existing database, s/he brings up a list of pre-selected goods approved by charity. Goods consist of brand-new, shrink-wrapped food and supplies, including popular as well as specialty brands. 

After setup is completed, with customization of timeline, goals, and other details, a unique URL is generated for the campaign page.  

Donors can contribute 24/7 from anywhere with online access. Drive starters receive complete lists of donors, while every donor is emailed a tax-deductible receipt. 

At the end of a drive, we coordinate to deliver goods directly from our supplier to the charity, arranging an unloading time most convenient for the charity. Our process is proven to save precious time and costs for all those involved!


The Online Drive is YouGiveGood’s specialty. Drive starters can customize drive details and goals, and are provided with a unique campaign URL to promote and share with others. This unique campaign page tracks donations so far, overall drive progress, and time remaining. This type of drive is perfect for raising goods towards any cause, whether it's held standalone, or as a unique supplement to ongoing fundraising efforts. 


The Online Contest consists of two or more teams competing against each other to raise goods for a cause. This drive type features a leaderboard which tracks ongoing real-time progress of both teams. This is perfect for a school, company, or any organization interested in increasing engagement by creating opportunities for leadership and positive philanthropy, and encouraging friendly competition —  all while having fun!


Drive starters are equipped with social sharing tools, email blast system, helpful tips, and other resources to extend the reach of a drive. Supporters can contribute 24/7, unlimited by time zone or location.

Supporters can share unique campaign URLs, and create additional buzz on social networks. With the contest-style drive, the concept of gamification increases participation, as teams compete against one another to raise for a common cause, all in good fun.

Donors contribute more generously, when they feel reassured and know exactly how their money is being used. Supporters can contribute by purchasing from a list of pre-selected goods, a tax-deductible act.

This system saves resources for all parties, in all areas, including: time, gas, manpower, energy, and money. This opens up unlimited opportunities to hold more drives, raise more goods, and help a larger number of charitable organizations.

Whether the online drive is held separately, or supports other fundraising efforts, it creates opportunities for leadership and positive press for teams at schools, companies, and community organizations.

Features such as visible goals and timeline, progress tracking, and leaderboards allow everyone involved to gauge their impact on a cause.